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Research confirms that active hotel guests are happier, spend more, are more likely to return and are more excited to share their experiences.

Isn’t it time you partnered with SearchBookGo?

Finally, a complete system, built specifically with hotels and resorts in mind, that manages all of your guests’ activities, both those you offer directly and those offered by respected local providers and attractions.

Welcome to a new way to connect your guests with all your hotel offers as well as the local activities and attractions that are certain to capture their interest. Welcome to SearchBookGo  (SBG), a cutting-edge, multi-tiered platform!

Your guests want places to go and things to do while staying at your property. They want access to the things locals see as the best your city or region as to offer. Until now, that meant picking up a brochure in your lobby or asking one of your people for suggestions. With Search Book Go, you can directly connect your guests with the activities you know they’ll enjoy in ways consistent with their digital lifestyle. The results are a clear win for them. And you!


Research confirms that active guests with more to do are happier guests.

The really good news is that happier guests...

longer stays

Stay longer

return guestsReturn more frequently

More money

Spend more when on property

Share their experiences with others

Building stronger relationships with local businesses is completely positive. It can only be a good thing that your ties to the local aquarium, theater, water park or tour company are strengthened.

The opportunity to even build passive income with this program exists. Depending on the types of providers and attractions that become part of your program, revenue sharing is possible.

The Happier Guests platform is extremely user-friendly.

It will also prove to be a great asset for your property.

It couldn’t be easier for your guests to discover all that your property AND your preferred attractions and providers offer. Visually appealing, highly informative and easy-to-navigate, the platform accomplishes all it sets out to do in a manner that is consistent with the high expectations you both share.

You can emphasize your own offerings in a number of engaging ways. Even should they be looking for a sailing opportunity, the theater or a nearby water park, your guests will find what you offer front and center. Depending on your level of participation, your guests may be able to book your offerings in real time.

sports instruction
kids in a boat

With SBG, you design the program in the ways that best fit your needs and preferences.

We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Now that you realize that you and your guests win with our Happier Guests program, let’s get started.